Friday, July 10, 2009

Last Day of School Parade

I love our elementary school, Little Cedars Elementary!  For the last day of school celebrations, we had our 2nd annual parade.  Each class decorates a banner and everyone, from students to staff, parade around the school grounds while parents cheer and take pictures.LCE 2nd annual parade LCE 2nd annual parade 2Mrs. P-B's class & banner Sarah's class parading at high school
This year, with the opening of the new high school, Glacier Peak, the kids were able to extend the parade route to include the high school parking lot.  The whole student body of the high school came out to participate in the parade with the kids. Some of the teenagers were even high-fiving the kids It was awesome!The high schoolers lined up again for LCE parade Goofball Bobby at GPHS(We found Bobby at the parade!)

The kids always enjoy this end of year tradition (carried over from some of the previous elementary schools).  It was made especially great this year with the participation of the GPHS cheerleaders and drum core.
GPHS Cheerleaders with Wolvie
(The GPHS Cheerleaders with Wolvie the Wolverine, LCE’s mascot.)

GPHS Drum Core 2 

After the parade, there is a school wide assembly where the choir sings, a slideshow is shown of pictures throughout the year, awards are given, the teachers put on the “lost and found fashion show” (great idea!), the student body sings “I’m on My Way” from the “Brother Bear” Disney movie (super cute), and then the “moving up” ceremony.  (This one gets me every time.)

The “moving up” ceremony consists of the 6th graders, who are sitting in chairs while the rest of the student body sits on the floor, are dismissed back to their classrooms.  Then the 5th graders “move up” to the chairs and everyone else moves back to the grade behind them.  This leaves room in the front of the group for the kindergartners.  So sweet!  I cry every year!

he's thrilled
(Alex receives a perfect attendance award)

Lost and found fashion show 2 Sarah singing we're on our way
(Sarah and school singing “I’m on My Way”)

The end of school is always bitter sweet to me.  On one hand, it means summer vacation and lazy days and water fun.  On the other hand, it means my babies are growing up and I am now the mommy of a SENIOR in high school, a 5th grader and a 2nd grader!  Where does the time go?
end of school donuts 2 end of school donuts


  1. That is great! Love the parade, what a neat idea. The lost and found fashion show is hilarious! Looks like alot of fun...

  2. This is a test from mom's computer.

  3. Very cool! Looks like a fun parade. You need to show me how to make my pictures look like the last two you posted here at an angel- very cool!