Sunday, December 28, 2008

Alex prays for Manulito Kids

This was taken at our church, Gold Creek Community Church . Check out Alex praying for the Kids in Honduras to have a great Christmas. The children collected enough money, over the course of a month, to provide Christmas dinner for them.

I am so proud of him!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Snowstorm of 2008

When we moved to our area in Washington, we expected rain but not snow. Much to our surprise, we have had snow every year that we have lived here! Our kids were thrilled because that means "Snow Days"!

However, THIS year's snow has been quite the phenomenon. Our little neighborhood had about 20 inches of snow this December. CRAZY no matter WHERE you live!

Here are a few pictures taken on Christmas Eve:

A view from our porch.
Our poor tree is going to crash from all of the snow.

Bob plows out The Beast.

It's finally starting to rain and melt the snow. However, our little street is still very treacherous. I found out that several of my friends have never had a white Christmas, so I'm glad that it snowed for them and didn't start melting until after Christmas.

My Favorite Christmas Photos

We had a good Christmas this year! Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Grammie and kids at Christmas Eve Service.

The kids in their new Christmas Jammies from Grandma and Grandpa. and our silly Christmas glasses.

Bob and I at the Christmas Eve Service at church.

Me and my silly kids in the silly Christmas glasses Bob brought back from Japan.

My baby girl LOVED her American Girl Doll that Santa brought.

My oldest surprised me by being happy about getting a guitar (because he didn't even ask for one)!

My Alex was so excited to FINALLY get a Nintendo DS from Santa!

How was your Christmas? Did Santa bring you everything you wanted?

My First Blog!

I told my good friend, Eve, that I would have a blog by the end of the year. So here it is, Eve! My first blog post!

Why the title "Views from a Java Hut"? Well, living in Washington these last 3-1/2 years, we've become addicted to our latte's. Practically on every street corner, there is some kind of "java hut". This is not much of an exaggeration! You have the branded java huts, the local java huts, the java huts that are a neighborhood favorite, the java huts that only men would ever go to, and the java huts that have your latte ready and waiting when you pull up in the drive thru (because they know you so well!). Gotta love those. So when trying to come up with a title, I tried to think of something quirky or catchy that would describe me or my family, and coffee and Java Huts were what I thought of -- because I do love my coffee!

My blog will be mostly about my family -- My husband, Bob, whom I've known since I was 16 years old and my three wonderful children -- Bobby age 17, Alex age 9-1/2 and Sarah age 7.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and come back often! I'm new to this, so please be patient!

Here's to a happy end to 2008! and for me completing my first blog!