Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Snowstorm of 2008

When we moved to our area in Washington, we expected rain but not snow. Much to our surprise, we have had snow every year that we have lived here! Our kids were thrilled because that means "Snow Days"!

However, THIS year's snow has been quite the phenomenon. Our little neighborhood had about 20 inches of snow this December. CRAZY no matter WHERE you live!

Here are a few pictures taken on Christmas Eve:

A view from our porch.
Our poor tree is going to crash from all of the snow.

Bob plows out The Beast.

It's finally starting to rain and melt the snow. However, our little street is still very treacherous. I found out that several of my friends have never had a white Christmas, so I'm glad that it snowed for them and didn't start melting until after Christmas.


  1. WOW! It makes me think of back home. I remember waking in the morning to complete and utter silence and then knowing that it had snowed. Either that- or waking to the snow-plow. That was always a DEAD giveaway!
    I miss the beauty of it- but not the cold!

  2. That is ALOT of snow! It is beautiful and peaceful but absolutely NO fun to drive in...