Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Favorite Five – Girls Weekend Edition – 9/18/2009

My long time BFF’s, Denise and Eve, came to visit last weekend.The girls at the German restaurant

We met about 10 years ago when we were all young/new mommy’s living in California.  We belonged to the Roseville Moms Club, and we were all in a playgroup with babies around the same age.  The first time I met my friend, Denise, playgroup was at my house and both of our babies (Alex and Tarik) were under a year old.

  1. Remembering old times – I remember that playgroup.  I was super nervous about having a bunch of women that I barely knew coming to my house where the babies basically just slept or were nursed while the mommy’s carried on conversations.  Back then, I was super shy but was determined to make new friends since I was new to California and living away from family.  I remember Denise being so friendly and supportive and very interested in my thoughts about raising babies.  She knew I had an older child (Bobby was 8 by then) and told me I was the “experienced” one. I remember saying that having Alex was like having a first born all over again and that I didn’t feel very experienced.  Anyway, this weekend we talked about that first playgroup where we bonded as new mothers, helped each other relax about some child rearing issues and take a stand on others.  And how we’re still great friends all these years later.
    playgroup 001
  2. Playing tourist  - I was so excited to have the girls visit me!  Denise has been out here before, but this was Eve’s first time visiting me since I had moved from CA.  I fly back every year for our scrapbook weekend in Bodega Bay.  But this was our first girls weekend where we played tourist and didn’t scrapbook one thing!  We started our trip off with the usual Seattle Sites –- Pike Place Market, Original Starbuck’s, Waterfront walk and Harbor Cruise. How fun to share your favorite spots with friends! 
  3. Experiencing New Things Together – It was a glorious weekend in Seattle, so we decided to head up to the mountains and take in Leavenworth – a little Bavarian Village in the Cascade Mountains. We stayed at this quaint little hotel right in town.  We had a great time walking through the little shops, eating German food, and laughing until our sides ached!  That night we went to a beer garden and listened to some live music from a great band called “Red Means Go”.  They were awesome!  We each bought one of their cd’s as a souvenir.  It had been a long time since any of us had sat and listened to live music from an up and coming band.  We had a great time!
  4. Laughing Until Our Sides Ached – There is nothing better than getting together with girlfriends and laughing so hard that you about pee your pants!  And that is just what we did all weekend long!  I swear it fills you up with sunshine and love and happiness when you can laugh that hard with a friend.  Whether we were giggling over text messages, snickering about honey buckets, cracking up about Papa Smurf taking Eve’s chair, or embarrassing ourselves because of the loud laughter over the bathroom locks in the German restaurant, laughter is always the best medicine and a requirement with good friends!
    sidewalk chalk art
    (our nicknames for the weekend – written on the floor of the beer garden)
  5. Spending Time With Those You Love – I love these ladies like sisters.  We’ve been through hard times, sad times, and happy times together.  We’ve shared our biggest fears, our greatest weaknesses and our most successful accomplishments.  We’ve scrapbooked together, shared books, cried and laughed together, and scrapbooked some more!  I am so honored that they took time out of their busy lives to come visit me!  With soccer games (3 kids each), girl scout meetings (3 troops between them), house hunting and just being away from family for a whole weekend – it makes me realize even more how important our friendship is.  Thank you gals!  And, Debby?  You’re coming next year for sure!!!!Finally a picture of the 3 of us


Thanks Girls!  I miss you already!


  1. I am so gladd that you girls had such a great time! Weekend get awyas with good firends are the best!!! Okay, who is house hunting? Lisa, are you moving back to Cali?


  2. ugh, I swear I can spell! I am just too quick on the post button. Sorry for all of the typos in the post above. I will SLOW down :-)!


  3. Great posting, Lisa! I'm SO happy that you all had such a great time (I'm very envious too!)...I'm sorry I missed it! Love the pics!

  4. I'm jealous!! It was great to see Eve in these posts (thanks for that Lisa!! I miss her! LOL) and I'm so happy that you all had a wonderful weekend :)

  5. Okay I am crying right now! Tears of happiness and I am so freaking touched by this post sista! I had the best time! Thanks for everything LIS!!!!