Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Favorite Five

It's Time for my Friday Favorite 5!

1) My reading chair -- we moved our furniture around in the living room after we took down our Christmas decorations. I NEVER move my furniture around! Now I have my nice leather chair and footstool in a great spot with a lamp right behind me. It's become a great reading chair and a spot where I check email and update my blog. It so comfy!
2) Rock Band -- my family loves this and it's so much fun to play! I love hearing my kids sing "oldies but goodies" from my teenage years!
3) My new quilted vest from REI -- Christmas present from hubby. It's a great layer piece -- we're all about layers here in the PNW!
4) Microsoft Word -- after much emailing back and forth with my GF's for our annual beach scrapbook trip, I finally combined our supply and meal list in a nice, pretty table for all of us to keep track of what's being brought and what's needed. Next year -- a table in Exel (as soon as I learn how).
5) Being 200 feet above the river -- yes, we're flooded out here. I'll post some great flood pictures in my next post. But, I AM THANKFUL we found a house up on the ridge instead of down in the valley!!!

This is such a great exercise to do each week! It was really hard for me to come up with 5 today. But with thinking over the little things in my life this week (and my hubby's help) I did come up with 5 things to be thankful for. Thank you, Eve, for continuing this each week! And thank you, Natalie, for continuing this on FB!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa! LOVE your big red chair...(made me think of Blues Clues-lol!) Talk to you soon. Love, Deb