Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Favorite Five

Time, once again, for FFF!!!

1) Table Topics: My GF, Natalie, brought the book club dicussion version to book club on Monday. It's a cube of cards that ask questions that get conversations going. It really helped keep our book discussion moving. I can't wait to use it again next month. Thanks Natalie!

PS: for my Feb. scrapbook GF's, I bought a "girls night out" version for us!

2) Birthdays -- I LOVE Birthdays! Having just one whole day that is totally all about you is so great! Sunday is Bob's birthday and we already have all the presents on the table waiting for him. Happy Birthday, Honey!!

3) Safeway Club Card: -- I just saved 20 cents/gallon on gas because I used my Safeway Club Card! Yay! I could've went to the other guys and got a car wash (which is definitely needed), but I would've spent $2.18/gal. But at Safeway, gas was $1.99/gal and with my 20 cent savings reward, I filled up for $1.79/gal. Prices aren't as low as they were a few months ago, but it's still better than over $3.40/gal!

4) My new clock! Bob got my an heirloom wall clock for Christmas that chimes! It reminds of the big old clocks on churches. Unfortunately, some of my children complain that it keeps them up at night (Alex, my sleepwalker). I told him to just shut his door! Is that horrible of me? Bob gets a kick out of winding it once a week. I just love hearing the ticking while I sit here typing and anticipating the chimes in 13 more minutes! (Sorry the picture is crooked -- I angled it to try and avoid the flash.)

5) 3 Day weekends! Even with my kids being out of school so much due to weather and natural disasters, I'm glad we have a 3 day weekend. It's been a crazy, busy week for the Baker household. I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend with the family and sleeping in on Monday!

Well, what's your FFF??


  1. Oh yeah I LOVE it!
    I get to see the clock!
    It is sooo pretty!
    Can't wait to play the game.
    Send me the link for book club one will ya?
    Happy Bday Bob!
    How old are you?
    How old are you?

  2. Okay what I should have types was- how dumb are you?
    How dumb are you?
    How DUMB are you Eve?
    How dumb are you?
    There is the link right there in front of me eyes!
    Got it - thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing Lisa! That clock is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Bob, Happy Birthday to Bob, Happy Birthday dear Bob, Happy Birthday to you...and many more!

  4. I am leaving a comment here- cause I don't see a spot for the book posting.
    Testing 1-2-3

  5. LOVE the Book Club posting...(I'm commenting here because there was not a place to comment on that post???) I have to thank you, Eve and Denise for inspiring me to read more lately. You guys were always talking about the great books you've read. I've had a hard time finishing a book ever since I read the Twilight Series...haven't found one that grabs me like that did. I'm still searching, I've read some books, but then get stuck. I'll check out some of them on your lists...Thanks for sharing!