Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Flooding

Yes, it's flooding here in the PNW. No wonder with all of the snow we got during Christmas!! After the snow, was rain, rain, rain. I heard it said on the news that Seattle got 10% of their total yearly rain fall in 2 days. Crazy!!

Today the kids and I went "flooding" with the neighbors. Gotta have those scrapbook pics, right?

This is where the blueberry fields are where we go pick Blueberries every August.

A picture to remember the flood - and a good one for the scrapbook!

The main road is covered in water. No school buses getting through there!

Our new lake front property.

Just incredible how fast the water flooded the valley.

People say this doesn't happen too often around here. But we've lived here for 4 winters and for 2 of them, it's flooded the valley.