Friday, December 4, 2009

A wonderful place to work

Have I told you about how much I love where I work?  I think I’ve mentioned it before in a previous post.  Three plus years ago I decided to volunteer some time at our church.  I was placed as a volunteer doing some data entry for the newly opened Kids at the Creek preschool.  A few months later I was asked if I was interested in actually working part time for the preschool.  What? Get paid instead of volunteering?  Sure!

I started out working 2 half days a week.  Now I’m working 2+ full days a week.  I love my job!  I went from being a volunteer for the church to being the part time bookkeeper for the preschool.  I have two wonderful bosses, exceptional co-workers, and I’ve gotten to know our church staff a little bit better.

Today, we had our preschool staff Christmas Party.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast provided by the directors, we had an awesome gift exchange, made Christmas wreaths, created hand made thank you cards and tags, decorated cookies, and just enjoyed each others company and fellowship.  It was truly a very fun day! 

Staff party 2009 001 At our gift exchange, you can “steal” an item from someone else up to 2 different times.  I had my first gift “stolen” but ended up with this wonderfully smelling candle and this awesome Jar Wrap.  What a very unique idea!

Staff party 2009 005 Staff party 2009 008

Look at this adorable gift card holder I made!  What a great idea!  It’s made with an envelope with the squared off flap, instead of the triangle one.  Note to Eve:  You need to make these!

Staff party 2009 009 Staff party 2009 010 Staff party 2009 011

These are the cute Thank You Cards I made.  So easy.  Made me wonder why I don’t make hand made cards more often.

Staff party 2009 003

This is the wreath I made.  The Wreath is real and we had tons of embellishments to add to it.  My bow is a little dorky, but Hey!  No one will notice since the wreath will sit behind the screen door.  I love getting a fresh wreath.  The smell is wonderful!  And since we have a fake tree, the real wreath kind of compensates.  (Or so I’m telling myself.)

Staff party 2009 004

The cookie decorating tips we got from my friend Sara were very cool!  We learned things like “flooding”, and adding water to the Wilton decorator icing to thin it out. 

Staff party 2009 003 - Copy 

And then, who doesn’t enjoy a cookie exchange?  I can’t wait to try one of each of these yummy looking cookies!  I know they won’t last long, so I better get some while I can!  ha ha

Today was a great start to the holiday season for me.  I haven’t been “feeling it” yet.  I’ve decorated the tree and the house, I’ve done the crazy Black Friday shopping, I’ve ordered and received our Christmas cards, and I’ve even wore my Christmas socks and Christmas earrings.  But today, with all the good fellowship with the women I work with, I think I’m finally getting in the Spirit of the Holiday Season!  Yay!

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful fun! The wreath looks great and those cards are too cute. I know what you mean about not "feeling it" yet...we are going to get our tree tomorrow, so hopefully that we put me into the spirit a bit more.

  2. What a great time! What a great post! Wow- those giftcard holders are awesome! Great job!