Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Favorite Five - 4/10/2009

Well, I had hoped to have done a post about our fabulous Spring Break Vacation. But alas.....I haven't had time to upload my pictures! Sigh....maybe this weekend.....

So, here's my FFF for this week:

1) I am so glad I waited to do this post. My number 1 FFF is definitely seeing my husband slimed at church tonight! Slimed at church??? Yes! Our church, Gold Creek Community Church, is having extra services for the Easter holiday and Bob and I signed up to help in the Kid Zone for tonight's service. Little did we know that we would be asked to be captains of the boys and girls teams for the competitions to see who would get slimed! Yes, folks, similar to Nickelodeon's Slime Time! The texture is like applesauce. Ick! Well, the first competition was trying to get a teammate to eat a donate, covered with chocolate sauce and syrup, from a stick and string. The girls won that round! The next competition was a teammate picking out Tootsie Rolls from a baby diaper (made to look like poop) with their teeth and then dropping it in our hands. The boys won that round. Figures. Boys are grodier. The final competition was having one teammate shoot marshmellows into a pool of slime while the other teammate tried to find them and pick them out of the slime, all while blindfolded. Luckily, the girls won that round and the total competition, so the boys were slimed! Yay! Bob was all covered up with paper coveralls, goggles and a shower cap, and he STILL ended up with this icky slime down his shirt. It was pretty gross and pretty funny! I WISH I had a picture to show you!!! Super fun!

(This is what the slime looked like.)

(This is an example picture what Bob looked like after being slimed, but with coveralls on.)

2) My Neighbor, Krissy. She has motivated me, once again, to GET BACK IN THE GYM! Thank you, Krissy, for talking me in to joining you today for Power Sculpt and for tomorrow's Kickboxing class. Now tomorrow, I may be cursing you.....!!

3) My children's laughter -- tonight in the car, we were reminiscing about when the kids were younger and some of the silly things they used to do. I love listening to them talk and giggle over stories. Alex in particular has such an infectious laugh! It was so nice listening to them giggle and laugh rather than fighting!!

4) The Power of God -- I forgot to mention this on last week's post, but my Dad has, once again, been healed by God! He was scheduled to go in 2 Friday's ago for testing on his Carotid artery to see how blocked it was. (for those of you who don't know, the carotid arteries are the main veins that run to your brain.) The original test showed 70-90% blocked. About 3-4 years ago, his other artery was 99% blocked and he was rushed into immediate surgery. We were all very worried that this time would be a similar situation. Before the day of this test, my dad received prayer from his minister, and we all prayed, that he would be healed of this blockage and not have to have surgery. The results of the test were that my Dad's artery was NOT BLOCKED AT ALL and, just to be on the safe side, the surgeon checked the other one and it is ok too! Praise God! Prayer works, people!

(my mom and dad with some of their grandkids last summer.)

5) Free lunch and brunch at work. -- On Thursday, my boss, Liz, made the most amazing fiesta chicken soup for all of us at work. It was so Yummy! The recipe calls for fresh cilantro on top as a garnish, and this is the best! Then today, before our training seminar, she and Tanya made a fantastic brunch of breakfast burritos, a potato and cheese casserole, fresh fruit and muffins. Do I work at a great place, or what?

Happy Easter Everyone!!!


  1. Great FFF...Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear your dad is doing okay. Talk to you soon.
    Love and miss you! ~Deb

  2. LOVE your post this week Miss Lisa!
    I wish I could have seen Bob all green!