Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Favorite Five -- 4/17/2009

It's that time again! Whoo Hoo! Can FFF be one of my FFF? :-) I love doing this post each week. I hope you enjoy my Friday Favorite Five!

1) I was so amazed at the Courage of our little Daisy Scouts this week. Every single one of them climbed The Pinnacle at REI. Several of them (including my little Sarah) made it all the way to the top and rang the bell! That took a lot of courage and strength! I am so proud of them! They are definitely one of my favorites.

2) The Tudors on Showtime. I love this show! I love most things about this time period and love reading about Henry VII and his wives. This show is so awesome with the intrigue and the sex and the hunky King Henry -- it's the only reason we have Showtime! LOL!

3) Hershey's candy coated chocolate eggs. I can't get enough of these. Why does the Easter Bunny put these in the kids' baskets? So that mommy can eat them! ugh! I do love them!

4) The Easter Bunny cake I made for our traditional Easter Sunday dinner. It was so yummy! Funfetti Cake mix with vanilla icing covered in coconut. It was so much fun to make with Sarah this year and it tasted soooo good! I think this will definitely show up next year.

My mom. I told you she'd make it to my FFF this week! She has given me some awesome recipes of "old school country food" over the years. My glazed ham recipe for Easter was the Bomb! And, of course, if it weren't for my mom I wouldn't know how to make my famous baked beans and my so good potato salad! Thanks Mom!! You're the best!

(my mom teaching Sarah how to make her famous Peanut Butter Fudge. She needs to teach me how to do this too!)
Happy Friday everyone! Have a great, sunny, weekend!