Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

"Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail. Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way...."

I can't believe I have forgotten all of the cute Easter songs I used to sing to my kids when they were little. What a bummer. :-(

We had a nice, quiet family Easter Sunday. We started our day (bright and early at 6:45am) with Easter Baskets. Actually, Sarah came in our room some time in the middle of night and said "Mommy! The Easter Bunny put a toy in my basket!" I promptly told her to go back to bed. But, at 6:45am, I let my very tired husband sleep in, and I got up and watched the kids open their baskets.

Basket Highlights:
Sarah = new nightie and days of the week panties. Sarah was talking to Bob on Monday and told him "Daddy, I'm wearing my Monday panties. I think tomorrow I'll wear my Tuesday ones." It's the little things.....

Alex = Toy slingshot (defnitely an outside toy since Bob nearly knocked the clock off the wall) and a t-shirt that says "Just one more level" and has a game controller on it. Totally Alex, but it should've said "I just need to save first."

Bobby = A new atlas for him to map out his after high school USA trip and a Chuck Norris T-shirt. "Chuck Norris can grate parmesan cheese with his beard."

After Easter baskets, I hurried to start making our traditional Easter dinner -- brown sugar basted ham, baked beans, potato salad, and deviled eggs. It's a good thing I got up so early! Then it was off to church for a very nice Easter service at our church.

When our family started going to church a few years ago, I promised myself we would always go to Easter service together. And I'm so glad that we do! However, it was a good thing Sarah didn't get a new Easter dress this year, because once again she was picked to be slimed at the Slime Time event in the KidZone on Easter Sunday! She was thrilled!

After church we had our scrumptious lunch (I make a mean ham! Thanks mom for the glaze recipe!) and then we did mundane things like laundry....taking the trailer to be serviced.....taking a nap.....playing legos.

However, after dinner of even yummier leftovers, our neighbors came over for a little bit of Rock Band and the ever famous "Bunny Cake". This Bunny Cake was a tradition in our house when I was growing up. I am happy that I have carried this tradition to my own family. We may not have it every year, but the kids just love it! And Sarah was thrilled to help make the "Easater Grass" with coconut and green food coloring. Thanks, again, Mom! (I think my mom may make my FFF this week!)

I love holiday traditions!
I'm so glad I finally posted some pictures! I still have to post Spring Break....but hopefully that will happen by the weekend.


  1. The kids look so BIG!
    I love that cake- are you kidding me??????

  2. adorable! love it!! could I have the recipe for the ham??? can you bring it to work???