Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Favorite Five – 11/20/2009

It’s been awhile since I’ve done my FFF – again!  So without further  ado, here are my FFF for this week:

1) Make Believe – Today after school, Sarah and her friends made a space ship out of a shower door box.  They had great fun drawing on the box with markers, using tissue boxes to hold up the wings, using inserts from a wine shipment as seats, and Tupperware bowls as helmets. How awesome in this day and age of video games, computers and IPods, that kids still remember how to play make believe!astronaughts space ship

2) My Book Holder – This one has been one of my FFF before, but this week I was able to use my book holder in a whole new way!  I was tired of having our (Bob’s) elliptical trainer be a dust collector, so have been trying to use it on the days I can’t get to the gym (which have been a lot lately).  However, there is no motivation to use it when a) it’s in the cold garage and b) it faces a shelf that needs organized.  That’s all I see when I’m out there working my butt off – all this crap that needs to have something done with it!  So, yesterday (after being house-bound for 3 days due to contractors and sick kids) I was ingenious and velcro’d my book holder to the elliptical so that I can read while working out!  Woot!  Is that awesome or what???book holder - Copy Book holder 2 book holder 3

3) Clean closets – Another one from a previous FFF, clean closets make me happy!  As I was house bound this week, I decided that our closet needed organized and cleaned out.  My side wasn’t so bad, but our walk-in-closet had become a barely-get-in-the-door closet.  Bob’s side needed cleaned out in a major way, and boxes needed to be put up on shelves instead of on the floor where things got piled on them.  So, that’s what I did this week.  I know you didn’t see the before pictures (and believe me, I NEVER would’ve shown them), but I’m happy to post my after picture!  clean closet

4) Tastefully Simple—Have you heard of this company?  They make food products that only require 1 to 2 ingredients.  Everything from them is sooo yummy!  From their beer bread to their dips - I love it all!  I hate cooking, so having simple and easy things to make for dinner or to bring to a party is right up my alley!   A few weeks ago I hosted a TS party and received over $100 in free product!  I am so excited to get all my products so that I can be prepared for all the holiday festivities!

5) Surprise Trips – My husband, God love ‘im, surprised US ALL with a trip to Disneyland this past weekend.  He had to be in LA for a conference and decided that we should take the kids to The Happiest Place on Earth for the weekend.  Crazy man!  He had to convince me pretty hard – I am the planner in the family.  I don’t do well with spur of the moment trips.  I have to say though, we had a fantastic time!  The kids hadn’t been in about 5 years, and Sarah didn’t even remember ever having been there!  We enjoy 1-1/2 days of The Magic Kingdom and California Adventure.  Thank you honey!


With Thanksgiving approaching next week, I hope everyone takes a minute to think about your Friday Favorite Five.  It’s always good to be thankful for the little things in life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Great FFF, Lisa! Thanks for sharing. Love the Disney pics! Talk to you soon. Love, Deb

  2. Wonderful! These are all great! And the pics from Disney are awesome!

  3. I love Tastefully Simple... I use them ALOT. Great stuff! Loved seeing your Disneyland pics :)