Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Favorite Five -- 2/27/2009

Happy Almost March! Here's my FFF for the last Friday in February:

1) Birthdays -- It was my birthday this week! Yay! We went to see The Lion King, had a nice dinner in Seattle, got tons of birthday cards, great gifts from special friends, and a nice new purse! Woo hoo! And, I get birthday cake tonight at bunco! :-) I love birthdays!

2) My book holder -- last year my friend, Lichin, gave me this wonderful book holder for my birthday. I have it sitting on my bathroom counter so that I can read while I get ready every day. I LOVE it -- probably the best gift I've ever received! It has changed my life! Well....not really....but it does allow me to read a few pages from my current book every morning while I'm brushing my teeth or blow drying my hair. How awesome is that?

3) My new birthday purse -- isn't she pretty? I've always wanted a Kate Spade. Bob went and picked this out all by himself -- with a little help from the Nordstrom ladies. He is so thoughtful -- how many husbands will pick out a PURSE for their wife? Thank you, honey! I love it!

4) Snail Mail -- This whole week I have been excited to go to the mailbox. Every day there has been an envelope with a handwritten address on the front for me! Yippee!! Nothing makes me smile like getting a letter or card in the mail from family or friends. Email is great.....but snail mail is like opening a present!

5) Amish Friendship Bread -- ok, This Stuff is Good! Thank you to my friend, Jen, who gave me my starter batter last night and some (still warm) friendship bread. I don't have a picture of the bread, because I ate it all! But I have the batter and the instructions on what to do to send it on to 3 of my friends. What a great idea! Thank you Jen!!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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