Monday, February 9, 2009

Lots of laughs....Little Sleep

I'm tired. It's 11:00 pm on Monday night, and I'm exhausted because I only got about 12 hours of sleep this weekend! But I couldn't go to bed until I posted some pictures and highlights from my fabulous scrapbook trip.

Here are some highlights:

1) Not going to bed before 2:30am each night (two of those nights were at LEAST 4:00am!)
2) Laughing until I cried - multiple times!
3) Getting ribbed about "the stink eye" from last year.
4) Creating 49 scrapbook pages and never once having to put my supplies away!
5) Spending time with my BFF's!
6) Learning new things about these wonderful friends....thanks to the Girls Night Out Table Topics!
7) Listening to great music.
8) Presents!
9) Sharing stories/experiences all over again.
10) Receiving The Traveling Scrapbook.
11) New phrases from this year: "Come Back!" "Google It" "Ask the Deakin"
12) Beautiful/Peaceful Surroundings

I miss you gals already! When's the next trip? Seattle anyone???

Our beautiful view on Saturday morning. So peaceful!

The Gals -- Eve, Raimi, Denise, Debby, Me, and Michelle

Friendship hands and Friendship Bracelets.

My workspace.

I'll post more pictures later. I'm falling asleep typing this! If you've never gone on a girls weekend, I highly recommend it! It's good for the soul!


  1. Loved your recap of our weekend! i had a blast too & look forward to our yearly trip! don't forget to "Come Back" to Cali -LOL!

    I am still running on the same sleep pattern from last week. I have been burning the midnight @ GT this week. I still have yet to see my pillow before 2:30 am. i will crash & burn tomorrow night for sure!

    Have a great week. It was great to see you again!

  2. Awesome Lis!
    Miss you. It was a wonderful trip- if not the best one yet!
    Good times............
    "Come back"