Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Favorite Five - 2/6/2009

It's Friday and I'm at the beach! Scrapbooking with my dear friends in California! I hope it's sunny! (I'm cheating and posting my FFF early!)

So, I thought I would post my Favorite Five Scrapbook items, since I'm scrapbooking today!

1) My Creative Memory scrapbook albums -- I learned to scrapbook using Creative Memories products. I love their albums especially! I have scrapbooked 13 albums! Wow! Now if only I were caught up....I still have Bobby's first 8 years to scrapbook, since I didn't get started until he was 8! Oh well...something to do in my spare time.

My bookcase with 12 of the 13 albums I've personally scrapbooked. I think I need a new bookcase!

2) My KP2 Large Scrap bag in Lime Green -- I bought this thinking "like one more bag will keep ME organized?" But I have to tell you -- it is so wonderful having my "necessary" scrapbook items right in this bag for me to use at home or on the go! I love it!

My bag with most of my necessary items -- some of it is already packed.

3) My camera -- Two Christmas' ago, my husband got me a Nikon D40X digital camera. It takes the most awesome pictures! I wish I knew more about how to use it. The pictures of Sarah's dance performance in my last post were taken with it. I love this camera! It has made me a better scrapbooker! I think this year I will need to learn more about the different buttons and how to know when to use my super zoom lense.

4) My paper storage system that Denise gave me last year. I LOVE IT! I can store all my paper in this fabulous tote on wheels. It pops up and I can see each tray with all (or almost all) of my paper! What a wonderful treat to bring home from California last year. Thank you Denise!

This is the picture Eve had on her blog when she was "holding it hostage". You can see there are some page kits (see below for my #5) with it too. Now it's filled to the brim with paper!!

5) Page kits -- I love page kits! They make my scrapbook albums look like I am really creative! (which I'm not!) My BFF's Eve and Denise gave me some a few years ago that I am still using, and I love the ones my scrapbook buddy, Raimi, designs for Green Tangerines.

Kits that are already done (top) and those that I still need to complete. Most of my kits are packed for the trip -- these are just a sampling of what's left.

There are so many more scrapbook items that I love..... I'll probably add to my favorites after this weekend! I usually get a chance to work with a scrapbook tool/item I've never used before. I can't wait to learn a new technique this year!

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  1. Great FFF...I wonder what made you think of all those things...must have been related to your weekend plans - hmmmm! What a great weekend (as usual)! Miss you already! Love, Deb