Friday, February 20, 2009

2/20/2009 -- Friday Favorite Five

Here's my five for this week:

1) Tivo -- I love my Tivo! I never seem to have the time to watch my favorite shows when they come on. So at night, when the kids are in bed, I'm folding laundry....or when it's a Friday afternoon and the kids aren't home yet, and I'm trying to catch up on email and facebook....I can watch my favorite shows and keep caught up on McDreamy and Margene and The Desperate Houswives, etc.

2) Latte's -- My coffee of choice: Grande, Vanilla, 1%, Extra-hot Latte. There are some days when I can't live without it! And I LOVE it when I pull up to my favorite Java Hut and it is ready for me, it is triple stamp day AND I get the trivia question correct. Woot! It's gonna be a good day!

3) Bobby -- My first born. My only child for 8 years. My teenager. My baby boy. He is such a big help to Bob and I. We don't tell him often enough how much we love him and how proud we are of him. Most days we are too focused on his school work, getting his drivers license, his responsibilities.... He is such a big help to our family -- we rely on him to help out with watching his brother and sister. He is also such a joy to us. His love of reading, his kindness, his sense of humor, his "head kisses" at night.... We love him and he is one of my FFF this week.

4) Lean Quisine and other frozen lunch entre's -- I keep them stocked in the freezer, not because I'm dieitng, but because they are so easy to grab and go on the days I have to work. I love the convenience -- and they don't taste too bad either!

5) Our elementary school -- we are fortunate to have an awesome school that is brand new (1 year old) and very close to us (3 min. drive)! I had to be there yesterday from 3:30-5:30pm for talent show rehearsals; back again at 6:00pm for basketball practice; and then back again at 7:00pm for a PTA meeting. Thank Goodness it is so close! The school is wonderful in that it provides a music program which we never had in CA or UT and they and the wonderful PTA put on awesome programs for the kids like the Talent Show tonight (look for Sarah's pics!) and The Reptile Man next week. We have an awesome school and I am fortunate that my kids get to go there!

That's my five! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Great FFF, Lisa! Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Deb

  2. Fun to read your FFF! You are truly blessed! have a great weekend!