Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love birthdays! Especially when they are mine and I can declare "It's my Birthday Week!"...yes, week! I take full advantage of my birthday and declare it a whole week about me. I'm usually moderately least it gets me more foot rubs from the hubby and less dishes to wash! :-)

For my birthday this year, Bob treated all 5 of us to see Disney's The Lion King on stage. What a wonderful performance! It is simply amazing to see the animals come strolling down the aisle at the beginning of the show. The music was wonderful -- including the new songs that the kids said "that wasn't in the movie!" :-)

After the show we went to a nice seafood restaurant on Lake Union with a veiw of Seattle for my birthday dinner. It was fabulous -- we saw the sunset, spent time together as a family, had a really nice dinner at a really nice restaurant where everyone found something to eat (not once did I hear "What am I going to eat? I don't like this!") -- a great birthday! Thank you family!!!

(Sarah and I at Girl Scout Thinking Day that morning)

(Alex and I waiting to go in)

(Bobby and I taken from Alex's view point)

(Bob and I from Sarah's view point)

Another year older.....sigh.... Next year is the BIG ONE. At least I can still say, for one more year, that I'm "still in my 30's". I asked Bob if he ever thought we'd be almost 40, with 3 kids, living in the Seattle area, with a dog, cat, and a travel trailer? Of course not, but I sure am glad we are!

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  1. Great pictures. Sounds like good times...I'm so glad you got spoiled. You deserve it!