Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friday Favorite Five - 3/6/2009

Here are my FFF for this week:

1) Texting -- Bob's been in Germany this week and the best way we have been able to communicate is through texting! I love getting his text messages. They make me smile every time! I luv u baby!

2) Coupons and Club Cards -- I just saved 38% of my total grocery bill! My friend Raimi posts on her blog the awesome deals she finds by using coupons and sales at various stores. I always wish that I could be organized enough to use coupons. I cut them out every week, but I hardly ever remember using them. And when I see the ads and coupons for my local favorite grocery store, I always think "ooh, I better get to the store before these expire". But, alas, I usually fail. This week, I didn't fail! I used the coupons from the store flyer, coupons from the Sunday paper, and my club card and saved $30!! Woo Hoo!

3) Hand-me-downs -- So, I went spring clothes shopping for the kids this weekend. I knew the boys needed clothes, but wasn't so sure about Sarah. So I didn't buy her much. Once I got home, I went through my wonderful box of hand-me-downs that my neighbor gave me, and lo and behold, Sarah now has a whole new wardrobe! Yes!! Everything from tops, shorts, capri's, bathing suits and even some long-sleeved tops she can wear now. She is set! Thank you Danita!

4) Samoa Girl Scout Cookies -- Can't help it.....they are my favorite! I love them more than Thin Mints! I can eat a box all by myself! Thank goodness Sarah is a girl scout!!

5) The new book I'm reading -- "The Likeness" by Tana French. After reading a couple of so-so books lately, I'm so glad I found one that has really captured my attention. I don't usually like mysteries, especially murder mysteries. But I have to say this one got me hooked. We read "In the Woods" by this author last year in our book club and we all really liked it. My friend Jen loaned "The Likeness" to me, and I'm so thankful! Thanks Jen!

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine today!!


  1. Great 5 Lisa! I love reading these each week. Have a good weekend! Love, Deb

  2. Careful...using those coupons can become very addicting! Once you figure out how much you can save, it can become obsessive. Okay, so I am totally speaking from experience.