Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday Favorite Five - 3/27/2009

1) The Matador Restaurant and Tequilla Bar -- OMG! I am in love with the Braised Carnitas! "Slow-cooked pork shoulder with orange, allspice, cinnamon and bay leaves. Served with rice, black beans, tortillas and all the fixings." It's goooooood! I WISH I had a picture! It's so yummy!

2) The Countdown on my desktop -- So, my whole family has been vibrating this week! We have been counting down to our trip to Florida tomorrow. Every day, Sarah asks "How many more days?" The anticipation has been excruciating! I know we're going to have a fabulous time, but the excitment of the countdown has been so much fun.

(this was on Monday)

3) Pedicures -- I love pretty toes! I took Sarah on Thursday to get our beach toes ready! We match! She got a pretty flower on hers. Too cute!

4) My Girl Scout Troop -- Aren't they adorable? I love hanging out with these little girls. They are so unique and interesting. I love teaching them about Courage, Confidence and Character. I always wanted to be in Girl Scouts when I was a little girl. Now that I have a little girl of my own, I'm so pleased that I get to be a part of Girl Scouts with her!

5) Field Trips -- Last week our Girl Scout Troop went to the firestation to learn about home fire safety. We got to see the bay where the ambulance and fire engine are parked, and the girls even got to tour the fire engine. It was very cool! We've had some great field trips with Girl Scouts -- Sherriff's office, Safeway, Firestation.... next month we're going to REI and climb the rock wall. I can't wait!

(Silver Firs Firestation, Mill Creek Sherriff's Office, Silver Firs Safeway)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I will! Sunshine, here I come!!!!

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  1. I loved Florida!! We had so much fun there...where are you all going there?