Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another year of baseball

Another year completed of baseball for Alex.  This year he was on the Oriole’s. 

Alex wasn’t sure he wanted to play baseball this year.  He didn’t know what he wanted to do, but we “made” him play one more year.  This was the first year that he had to “try out” for a team.  He grumbled and moaned and we just kept on encouraging him. It was worth it when he came home from his first few practices and thanked his dad, assistant coach Bob, for having him play baseball again.  He does enjoy it once he’s playing.  It’s just the thought of going to all the practices and missing out on playing with his friends that he doesn’t like.

He ended the season with an award for best “on-base” percentage.  Alex may not have made a ton of hits, but because he’s "low to the ground” he got walked a lot.  :-)  He was great at falling down to avoid being hit by the pitch.  He did that at least once or twice every game!  He should’ve gotten the most dramatic award! 

I hope he plays again next year.  Here’s a few pictures from this years’s season…..

 Random May 2009 118 Alex enjoyed playing catcher.Bob coaching Alex Dad gives some coaching at 1st base.

he's ready for this one Alex is ready for this pitch!

our  baseball playerNice throw from 2nd. Random May 2009 105 What a cute baseball player!Random May 2009 111 No time for dinner before the game, so a hotdog in the dugout!

Random May 2009 112Sarah  picking flowers at Alex’s baseball game.


  1. Great pics...and great job, Alex! He looks WAY cute in his cool uniform! Just like a Pro!

  2. Really, really good pictures!! These were fun to see :)

  3. LOVE these pics- and the watermarks you added.
    The one of Sarah picking flowers is priceless.......