Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I’m back!

So, my laptop died. I haven’t been able to blog! I finally got a new laptop and Bob is having me try a new blog writer program called Windows Live Writer (free download). So far, both are awesome! (Eve, this has solved my problem with inserting pictures!)

So here is my test blog! Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging my FFF and I have TONS of updates with pictures of the kids to blog about.

According to me (from my friend Raimi’s blog):Lisa looking out the window of our room

When I was a dad and sister sang in a traveling gospel group called The Happy Aires. We would spend our weekends on this tour bus with a dozen other people traveling all over the tri-state area, singing at different churches. This was our only experience with “camping”.

I can't imagine my life without... my family – they are everything to me!

If I could be anywhere, I'd be... sitting on my back patio/deck, sipping a glass of wine, watching the sun set, and have my current favorite book in my hand ready to read. And, oh! Bob would be with me rubbing my feet!

My least favorite chore is... emptying the cat litter box. gross.

If I could be on any TV game or reality show, it would be... The Family Feud! I rock at that game!

If a mystery package arrived on my doorstep, I'd hope it would be... my three BFF’s in CA coming for an unexpected visit. We’d tour Seattle, scrapbook a little, maybe see a concert at the winery, and laugh all night long!

My guilty pleasure is... The Tudors on Showtime! I just love that show about King Henry VII and all his wives! And that Jonathan Rhyes Meyers is a hottie!

I thought I would never... move away from Indiana. Can you believe that? I’ve lived in Ohio, California, Utah and now Washington. I’m a long way from Indiana! And…I like it!

If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d wish for... a patio/deck in my back yard, to lose 10 pounds and no more arm fat, and for my parents to be healed from all their ailments.

Hope you enjoy these! Let me know if you play along and do your own “according to me”.



  1. Welcome back...thanks for sharing your "according to me's" Love it! Talk to you soon.
    Love, Deb

  2. FUN to read! LOL about the part where Bob is rubbing your feet :-)! I'm happy your back to bloggin'. Have a wonderful night!