Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony

On June 10th, my little girl scouts had their bridging ceremony.  They “graduated” from Daisy Scouts to official Brownie Scouts!  Yay!

 Group Shot 2

It’s been a great two years of being these precious little girls’ troop leader.  I’ve enjoyed spending so much time with my own daughter and watching her develop Courage, Confidence and Character!

Lisa and Sarah(Sarah at her Daisy Investiture Ceremony)
Flower Sarah (Sarah at the Bridging Ceremony)

Having a wonderful co-leader in Nicole has been fabulous too.  Not only have I learned what being a scout leader is, I have also found a life long friend.

Nicole and Lisa 2

It’s been a fun-filled 2 years with Rock Climbing, Safeway Grocery Tours, Fire Station and Sherriff’s department tours, SWAP events, Thinking Days, Corn Mazes, selling cookies, and learning the Girl Scout Law and the Girl Scout Promise.  I’m looking forward to next year when we will experience what it’s like to be Brownies!

Good Job Troop 52830!GS Troop 52830 again


  1. I am so glad she is in GS's. Amazing how far they have come. GS's really has tried hard the last few years to make it more COOL to be a Girl Scout. I love the pic with the flower in her hair. She is beautiful!

  2. Sarah is so adorable! That's awesome that you get to share in the experience with her. What a blessing you (and your co-leader) have been to those girls and their families.