Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fairly Odd Pharaoh's

In May, Alex and Sarah participated in a musical at our church called The Fairly Odd Pharaoh's. It told the story of Moses and was super cute. Alex and Sarah did a great job! Alex was Aaron, Moses’ brother, and a slave. Sarah was a ballerina and a slave girl. The kids had a great time and the volunteers who put this musical on should get a gold statue for their patience and all their hard work!

Here are a few pictures from this wonderful show. I hope you enjoy!

Alex shows off his magic snake trickAlex as Moses showing off his magic trick that showed God turning the staff into a snake.

Pretty Sarah Sarah, as a slave girl, after the show with the rose she received.

Moses and Alex as Aaron Moses and Aaron talk to Pharaoh.

Sarah as ballerina Angel Sarah as a dancing ballerina, when Moses is found in the river.

Sarah as slave doing Walk Like an Egyptian Sarah dancing to “Walk Like an Egyptian”.

Alex looked great in his costume The costumes were great! Alex is in the cream robe with red scarf and beard.

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