Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dancing Queen

Sarah dance recital 1 At the beginning of this month, Sarah had her much anticipated dance recital!  Applause Studio puts on it’s yearly recital at the Edmonds Center for the Arts – very fancy!

Sarah’s class performed 2 songs and participated in the finale.  One was a jazz dance number and one was a tap dance number.  The finale was with the whole cast and was a number performed to a song called “Heart of Rock N Roll”.  Original song was by Huey Lewis and the News, but they changed it a bit for the recital. 

Everyone did such a great job!  We are so proud of our little dancing queen!

Sarah and Ms. Allison (Sarah and her dance teacher, Ms. Allison)

Sarah dancing 2 ( Sarah in her jazz outfit.  She is the one in the middle)

Sarah takes a bow (Sarah takes a bow.  She is in her tap outfit.  Cute skirt!)

Sarah looking for her daddy (Sarah looking for her daddy after the finale)

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  1. Adorable! Great pics BTW. And those costumes are amazing. I am thinking this is an expensive hobby no?